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Assault and Reckless Driving Do Not Require a Collision


Glendale, California

Assault Incident

January 18, 2016


Hear the tires screech.

See the rear of the car rise when he slams on the brakes.

Dennis Reed swerved in front of these cyclists and slammed on his brakes.  Glendale Police initially refused the cyclist's incident report because there was no collision.  Assault and Reckless Driving do not require a collision.

Cycling community outrage led to a call from City Hall to the Police Chief who assigned an Investigator.  The Investigator concluded this was Felony Assault and an Assault Warrant was issued.  The Glendale District Attorney charged Dennis Reed with two counts of Misdemeanor Assault.

Over one year later, January 31, 2017, Dennis Reed was convicted of Misdemeanor Assault resulting in a $300 fine and 50 hours of community service.  His conviction can be dismissed on January 31, 2018 if he pays his fine and completes his community service.

Without this Cyclist Video Evidence Dennis Reed would never have been charged, convicted, and we would not have a record of his assault to establish a potential pattern of behavior should he continue assaulting cyclists or prior assaults be uncovered.

Cyclist Video Evidence can help prevent

Assault, Reckless Driving, Injuries, Deaths, and repeat offenders

before collisions occur!

It's important that cyclists report their incidents to the police but there have been many cases where police departments and State police would not accept cyclist video evidence without a collision.

Even if your incident report is accepted there is no online public access to your Incident Reports and you cannot search by license plate number to learn if you were assaulted by a repeat offender.

Even if your incident report is accepted many times police do not cite drivers even with irrefutable cyclist video evidence.

Our Incident Management System is free for cyclists to Enter, Track, Analyze, Monitor, Update, Map, and Generate PDF Reports of their Assault and Reckless Driving Incident Reports.

You will also be able to search by license plate number to learn if you were assaulted by a repeat offender.

We will also be able to identify Jurisdictional Risk Patterns:  Jurisdictions where police do not provide cyclists equal protection under the law.

Our Incident Management System will allow you to create, track and monitor your Incident Reports from the moment they occur to their progress through your local law enforcement departments and court system to final conviction, should one occur.  It will also allow police departments and cities to identify repeat offenders before collisions occur as well as hot spots by location, time of day, day of week, and month of year so cities can optimize their allocation of limited resources to increase cyclist safety.

Our Incident Management System allows you to Map of all your incidents on one page along with a table of all the incidents below the Map.  Click on a pin once to get some detailed information floating above the pin and the corresponding table entry is highlighted.

Our Incident Management System allows you to view a summary of all your incidents on one page, sort by any field to analyze patterns such as repeat offenders by license plate, time of day, frequency by date, and map each incident.

Our Incident Management System also allows you to view each complete incident report on a single page and update each field as you learn new information such as if the District Attorney has charged the driver with specific charges.

Our Incident Entry Form has fields for all aspects of the initial incident that you can update as the incident moves through the legal system.  You can update the notes if the driver is charged by the District Attorney with the specific charges.  You can also update checkboxes such as Cited by the Police for specific charges.

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