Groundbreaking Town Hall! Cyclists’ Incident Reports Provide New Data For ATP Grant Applications!

Active Transportation Program Applications Can Now Use Cyclists’ Criminal Near Miss Data!

Until now, the California Transportation Commission’s Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant funding, used to improve California roads for cycling safety, has been based on collisions, crashes, injuries and fatalities. However, academic research tells us that the number one reason cyclists stop cycling are near misses, and near misses are orders of magnitude more frequent than collisions. We are working with the California Transportation Commission to ensure criminal near miss data, generated by cyclists’ criminal near miss incident reports, can be used for Active Transportation Program grant applications. Using criminal near miss data can prevent collisions and is more reflective of the main reason cyclists stop cycling.

To access this funding, cyclists need to ride with a camera and submit criminal near miss incident reports, using their objective video evidence, to law enforcement and to our free Incident Management System (IMS). Our IMS provides three key functions.  First, as our previous town hall post explained: cyclists’ video evidence provides law enforcement with a wealth of information to launch an investigation, even if you cannot positively identify the driver in the video evidence. Second, our IMS provides cyclists the tools to track, analyze, update and map their incident reports, as well as search for repeat offenders before collisions occur. Third, our IMS provides government agencies with criminal near miss data they can use in their ATP grant applications.

Matt Turner, Chair of the Alameda County Transportation Commission’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, said it best during our innovative town hall in this two minute video.



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