Grizzly Peak Cyclists’ “Wheel Truth” features Cyclist Video Evidence

The Grizzly Peak Cyclists are one of four East Bay cycling groups that just bulk purchased over 200 Cycliq bike cameras.

JoAnne Lauer’s front page article “Safer Riding With Cyclist Video Evidence” asks “How important is that Cycliq camera that you just bought?”

She explains: “Incidents you record can not only serve as evidence to track repeat offenders and charge the criminally negligent ones, but it also supports grant proposals for improved cycling infrastructure. Over time, more cameras means better driver behavior. Let’s take a look at how we get from riding with those cameras to safer streets for all cyclists and holding drivers accountable for their behavior. And, at the end, see the invitation to a Town Hall on November 1st for a technical roundtable on best practices for using the cameras, reporting incidents, and working with law enforcement and the legal system.”

You can read the entire article below.  Be sure to join JoAnne, and cyclists from across the East Bay, for our “Best Practices for Cyclists Riding with Cameras” Town Hall on Thursday, November 1st at 6:30pm at the Castro Valley Library at 3600 Norbridge Avenue.



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