Town Hall on Best Practices for Riding with a Video Camera – recording online

Thanks to all of you who were able to join our Best Practices For Cyclists Riding with Cameras town hall. We are happy to share the recording of the town hall live stream. We would like to hear your town hall feedback and any suggestions you may have via our Contact Us form.

We cannot do this work without your active participation, both by submitting all of your near miss incident reports to our free Incident Management System, and by encouraging all of your fellow cyclists to ride with a camera and submit their near miss incident reports.

We’d appreciate your suggestions regarding how we can reach your cycling communities to share the critical importance of riding with a camera to:

  • identify, educate, and in criminal cases prosecute drivers for near misses
  • shift law enforcement from focusing on only collisions
  • generate new near miss data for bike infrastructure grant proposals by using our Incident Management System specifically designed for this purpose

We’d be delighted to explore holding a town hall in your community to help bring together cyclists, law enforcement, the legal system and government agencies as it has in Alameda County. Let’s set more precedents!

A big thanks to those who have supported us. As we shared during the town hall, we are entirely donation and sponsor funded, so your backing is critical to sustaining our work. If you agree with the importance and value of our work, please consider supporting us through our Donate form. We’d appreciate any help getting the word out to your cycling communities and/or any potential corporate or organizational sponsors who might benefit from aligning their mission or brand with our innovative work to increase the cycling population and slow climate change.

We need your active participation to help us make the roads safer for you and your cycling communities. Together we can help achieve mode shift to biking and thereby positively impact climate change, mental health, physical health and community well-being. Thanks for being a part of the Cyclist Video Evidence community.

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