Teaming with the Ride of Silence to end cycling tragedies

Teaming with the Ride of Silence to end cycling tragedies


The Ride of Silence honors fallen cyclists.
Cyclists’ Video Evidence
prevents collisions,
hopefully ending
cycling tragedies.


The 17th annual international Ride of Silence will take place in 23 days, at 373 Locations World Wide, 47 U.S. States, 20 Countries and 7 Continents, with 0 Words Spoken and A Million Powerful Memories.

The Ride of Silence is featuring our innovative work with the Austin Ride of Silence on their website and in their latest communication to organizers around the world. We hope that together we can continue honoring fallen cyclists while empowering cyclists to help create safe shared streets by riding with a camera and reporting all near miss incidents to our free Incident Management System.

We need your help!  We are calling for donations and sponsors to help sustain our innovative collaboration. Please donate today and contact us if your organization would like to sponsor this important project.



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