Assaults, Battery And Reckless Driving – Cyclists Must Unite To Demand Equal Protection Under The Law!

On the eve of the 17th annual Ride of Silence this short video documents law enforcement reflexively rejecting cyclists’ harrowing criminal near miss incident reports where cyclists were inches from being run over by speeding multi thousand-pound vehicles.  It also shares our legal precedents for successfully prosecuting criminal near miss incidents that all cyclists can point to if their incidents are rejected by law enforcement.

It’s important for the Ride of Silence to honor cyclists killed on our roads but we MUST STOP adding cyclists to the list of those killed!

Cyclists must unite to demand that law enforcement provides cyclists with equal protection under the law by enforcing the laws for assault and reckless driving – before collisions occur! 

Cyclists simply need to ride with a camera and submit all of their near miss incident reports to our free Incident Management System to help change dangerous driver behavior before collisions occur and demand that law enforcement accept their criminal near miss incident reports.

The time for enlightened self-preservation is long overdue!  Together, we can stop adding cyclists to the Ride of Silence and help create safe shared streets for all vulnerable road users.



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