Enforcing Laws For Cycling Safety – San Mateo County: 2/18, 7 PM

Calling all cyclists who ride in or through San Mateo County.

CVE Founder, Craig Davis, will be presenting “Enforcing Laws For Cycling Safety” during the San Mateo County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting on February 18 at 7 PM. The Zoom meeting can be accessed at https://smcgov.zoom.us/j/98097726273

Craig will explain how the lack of enforcement of existing laws for cycling safety begins with the legislature and trickles down to law enforcement and the legal system. He will explain how this causes cyclists to stop cycling and prevents potential cyclists from riding. Craig will deconstruct five criminal near miss incidents against cyclists in San Mateo, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties spanning seven years in a self perpetuating cycle that enables drivers to endanger cyclists with impunity. In each of these cases law enforcement refused to charge the drivers, even when a cyclist was hit by a pickup truck.

This cycle is the reason we wrote legislation to add cyclist and pedestrian safety to the reckless driving law. We need all cyclists and pedestrians, and people who care about active transportation, to help us by adding their names to our petition. For those who previously added your names, please confirm your name was added by visiting this page.

Lastly, Craig will share how, working together, cyclists, law enforcement, the legal system, government agencies and legislators can achieve safe shared streets.

Please help support our work by attending and adding your voice during this important presentation.

Please join our free membership and help make cycling safer in your community by riding with a camera and entering all of your near miss incidents in our free Incident Management System.

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