Active Transportation Camera Road Reviews

We advocate for a world where people can leave their vehicles at home and chose to ride a bicycle, or use their feet, or a combination of active transportation and public transit to run errands, visit parks, go shopping or to school or work or purely for recreation.

We call on cyclists, walkers, hikers and rollerbladers to submit suggestions for camera kit reviews you would like to write and share on this page.  Our goal is to create a learning community knowledge space that all Active Transportation users can reference and help build.

Inexpensive cycling camera and an external battery for long rides, walks, hikes and blading

November 16, 2023 |

CVE member Steve Lubin shares his cycling camera kit journey, customization and current configuration. The lessons Steve learned and applied to his kit can be used by cyclists, walkers, hikers and rollerbladers.

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Inexpensive and effective camera kit for cycling, walking, hiking and rollerblading

September 21, 2023 |

Cyclists have been asking us to provide cycling camera reviews, especially for inexpensive and effective solutions.  Today, we are launching our Active Transportation Camera Road Reviews page starting with this article about an inexpensive kit that I have been riding with for several months.  We invite everyone to post questions, thoughts and experiences regarding any…

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