Video Deconstruction

Assault and Reckless Driving incidents happen in a matter of seconds so unless you have been a cyclist involved in one of these incidents they are hard to perceive and comprehend in normal speed video, especially from a tiny inexpensive consumer level action camera, and can therefore be trivialized as cyclists overreacting.

Just like slow motion analysis in football, hockey, basketball, golf, car racing, or any event that happens at speed, it's necessary to deconstruct, analyze, and slow down the event to truly see what happened.  In professional, college, and high school basketball they know that it takes 0.6 seconds, six tenths of a second, to catch and shoot a basketball.  Without "super" slow motion video we would never have been able to perceive and comprehend the event with that sophistication of time granularity.  Professional sports use large and incredibly expensive cameras to achieve the "super" slow motion that sports fans have come to expect.

For the Glendale Incident video we developed a time slicing technique because even after creating slow motion video from the tiny inexpensive consumer level action camera, the incident was still too fast to properly perceive, comprehend and analyze the incident.

Many times the video also needs to be enhanced similar to CSI type TV shows.  We enhance color, lighting, and contrast, among other techniques, without modifying the original video, to give the best possible view into the incident possible

The original Glendale GoPro video image is one the left and the enhanced version is on the right.

It usually takes a few hours to complete our video deconstruction but we will provide a quote.  Just create your Incident Report by going to Join Us! in the top menu and then fill out the Video Deconstruction Request for Quote form below.  We will email your quote and answer any questions you may have.

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